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We Eat Food That's Fresh!  A whimsical chef introduces young children to fun food experiences that stir up their interest in fruits and vegetables.  This book comes with a companion song, spoken word, and instrumental on CD. Ages 4 and Up.


 Hardcover with CD $17.99


 Paperback with CD $11.99




Market Day! By Victoria Roberts

This book is highly recommended. Ages 3+  There are four 12-page board books housed in a carrying case that doubles as a foldout, pop-up bazaar, with punch-out characters to play with. Each book takes readers to different market stands to introduce a concept: colors, shapes, opposites, and numbers. List Price $19.99 Your Price $19.00





Germs Are Not for Sharing Board Book By Elizabeth Verdick

Achoo! Cough! What to do? Rather than focus on what germs are, this book teaches the basics of NOT spreading them...cover up a sneeze or cough, and most of all wash your hands!

List Price $7.95







This book is hillarious! Soup is Yummy...Soap is Yucky. Sandwiches are Yummy....Sand is Yucky. A MUST HAVE for any 1 - 3 year old!

 List Price $6.99  YOUR Price $6.50







My Very First Book of Numbers

Can you tell how many cherries there are? How many apples? In the brilliantly colorful My Very First Book of Numbers, children can find the number of fruits in the bottom half of a page that matches the number of boxes and numerals in the top half. Children will love solving the puzzles of these clever, vibrant books. Eric Carle $5.99 List Price Your Price $5.40






My Very First Book of Motion

Feast your eyes on the latest split-page board books from Eric Carle. Children match each animal with the way it moves. Which animal hops? Which one waddles? These fun books are full of bright animals and are lots of fun for young children. This is great to use one on one with a child. Ages 1-3

 List Price $5.99 YOUR Price $5.40







Skippyjon Jones Shape Up

Skippyjon has an overactive imagination. And he is pretty active himself. Here he shapes up with shapes: he runs in a circle, tap-dances on a square, orbits an oval. And then the great sword fighter shows his muscles. List Price$6.99











Fruit By Sara Anderson
Large font and bright, contrasting colors draw you in to this simple board book of fruits. A board book full of wholesome, hearty goodness. This will set you child on the right path to eating healthy food for years to come.
Board Book $8.95






A Day at the Market
Come and see the fresh flowers, fish, and produce at Seattle's Pike Place Market. With signature cut-paper style and playful rhymes in a sturdy, oversized board book.  A beautiful heirloom quality book. (All ages) Oversized Board Book $14.95





From the Garden

Introduces the numbers from one to twelve as family members pick a variety of vegetables from the garden. Readers are invited to find hidden numbers on each page.  Ages 4-8

$ 7.95 Paperback


BULK PURCHASE Quote: over 300 copies $5.00 EACH + Media Mail Shipping. Email us for an Invoice.




Germs Are NOT for Sharing

Sneezing, coughing, runny noses....this book helps explain what germs are, what they can do, and why it is important to wash them down the drain. This book offers simple illustrations of real life situations that kids can relate to.  Softcover Ages 4 - 8

List Price $11.95





Pickles, Please! A dilly of a book.
Do YOU have a Pickle Lover? If you ask a kid what their favorite snack is, most will say pizza, cupcakes, or ice cream. But not Alec Smart--he loves pickles! One day he comes across a cucumber delivery truck and decides to jump in! The lesson learned in this humorous, pickle-filled adventure is that embracing your true colors brings with it special and tasty rewards!    List Price $15.95









An Edible Alphabet   With families and schools thinking more than ever about fresh, healthful choices for the table, kids want to know about the foods they see and eat every day: Where does it come from? How is it grown? Of course there are far more than 26 reasons to love the farm.   
List Price $16.99 YOUR COST $16.00




Those Mean Nasty Dirty Downright Disgusting but...Invisible Germs.

Encourage the formation of good health habits in children. Through playful and colorful illustrations, this popular children’s book shows the germs that cause illness and how important hand washing is to good health. Kids LOVE it!

List Price $14.95 Your Price $14.00






Say Please!

The little pricess forgets - and then remembers - her manners, and learns that "please" and "thank you" are important words for everyone. A great book of manners for young children.

List Price $4.95


Bring Me Some Apples and I'll Make you a Pie. A Story about Edna Lewis    What a GREAT book, this is another wonderful Farm to Table selection! Families can talk about where food comes from and how it grows. If they don't have their own backyard garden to visit, they can head to the farmer's market or to a pick-your-own farm and then try their hands at some of the recipes in the back of the book.

We LOVE it! Hardcover $16.00






Kiss the Cow!

Mama May coaxes daily buckets of milk from Luella the cow and uses that milk to make cheese so fresh it squeaks between the children's teeth. A fun book about where milk and cheese comes from! Ages 4-8. Softcover $6.99

Don't Behave Like You Live in a Cave    Is your behavior sometimes out of wack or out of control? Do you tend to get in trouble more than other kids you know? Don't worry: You're not a problem child. But you may need help with your behavior at home and school - and that's what this book is for....feel good about yourself, get along better with with family and friends. Recommended Ages 8-13
Softcover $8.95





I Can Say Please

Learning Manners has never been so easy and fun than with this simple text and charming illustrations.

Hard Cover List Price $9.99










I Can Say Thank You

Learning Manners has never been so easy and fun - combine

the joys of play with the joys of good manners.

Hard Cover List Price $9.99









The Busy Body Book: A Kid's Guide to Fitness
Your body is built to move! This action packed guide of fitness explains how your bones and muscles and heart and lungs work to get you moving, and what you need to do to keep going strong. What's your favorite way to get busy? Ages 4-10 Paperback $6.99
The Tortilla Factory
Take the journey from the black earth which sleeps in the winter to the green plants rustling in the soft wind all the way to the tortilla factory and then to the table. This book illustrates a lovely trip from farm to table.
Ages 4 and Up Paperback $7.00
"Manners are about feelings. Good Manners make you nice. They make others want to be with you. At the dinner table or a birthday party, or even building a sand castle at the beach, your manners show how much you care." Softcover $6.99









The Omnivore's Dilemma: Young Readers Edition

A Natural History of Four Meals is a nonfiction book by Michael Pollan. Pollan follows each of the food chains that sustain us – industrial food, organic food, and food we forage ourselves – from the source to a final meal, and in the process writes an account of the American way of eating.

List Price $9.99 Your Price $9.50










Food 'n Fun: A Rockin' Celebration of Good Eatin'

Gary Lapow

Track List: 1. Get Up Off The Sofa 2. Veggie Rap 3. Eat A Mango 4. Supermarket Shuffle 5. Whatcha Havin' For Lunch Today? 6. The Bread Song 7. Buddy To Your Body 8. Eat A Vegetable 9. Tortilla 10. Apples and Bananas 11. Rutabaga Root 12. I Like Noodles 13. I Like The Way I Feel

CD includes 13 tracks $15.95




Smart & Tasty 1: Good Food Moves for Kids

Angela Russ-Ayon "These delicious tunes teach children how to have FUN with FOOD while they learn about HEALTHY EATING. A Tasty blend of gross motor and educational songs teaches the whole child." CD includes 29 tracks which includes 7 spanish versions and 6 instrumentals.$15.95





We Love the Company
Join this diverse group of children as they explain table manners. The meal the children eat also encourages healthy choices. This book comes with an audio book, companion song, and instrumental version on an included CD.Ages 4 and Up.
Hardcover with CD $17.99
  Paperback with CD $11.99



Manners Time
By Elizabeth Verdick
This board book gives toddlers a head start on manners, setting the stage for social skills that will last a lifetime.
"Manners start with a smile—then you add the words." For the youngest students, learning manners is easy!
List Price $7.95






Mealtime By Elizabeth Verdick

A lovely board book! Kids learn about healthy eating, nutrition, and table manners. This book covers important mealtime routines from washing hands to trying new foods to sitting still. List Price $7.95






Are you eating something RED?

Meet Greenie, a new mealtime mascot for young readers and eaters! A juicy red apple? A sweet yellow banana? A crisp green pepper? Greenie helps kids choose from a rainbow of different fruits and vegetables, each healthy and nutritious. List Price 7.99






Wiggle!  Can you WIggle? Can you Slither? Can you Swoop and Sway? Move, Move, Move, there are lots of ways! This rhythmic text will have young readers waddling, wiggling, swaying, and swooping with delight and will get kids on their feet and keep them moving.  List Price 8.99                                    








My Very First Book of Food: Feast your eyes on the latest split-page board books from Eric Carle. In My Very First Book of Food, children can match each animal with the food it eats. Do you know what a squirrel eats? How about a seal? Lots of fun for young children. This is great to use one on one with a child! Ages 1-3 Eric Carle
List Price $5.99 Your Price $5.40







TODAY IS MONDAY: A Dry Erase Book     Learning about the days of the week is fun with Eric Carle’s delightful rendition of the popular children’s song “Today is Monday” which features animals eating different foods every day of the week. Kids can join in, drawing what they had for lunch or dinner and trying to remember what the animals had, too! The wipe-off pages and marker make it easy to use again and again.

 List Price $9.99 YOUR Price $9.00





Vegetables By Sara Anderson
A rainbow of vegetables are presented in uniquely painted illustrations with one vegetable, and its name printed in large font, per page. 32 pages.
Ages 2-6. Board Book $8.95


By Steve Jenkins & Robin Page

This board book contains action words and animals. Gorgeous vibrant actions teach your students to waddle, float, slide, slither, dance, run...animals move in different ways. Ages 4-8

Board Book $7.99





Get Moving with Elmo

Elmo (with his mommy his spotter for safety) demonstrates a somersault, cartwheel, and tripod-into-handstand to show toddlers how much fun it can be to move and get some exercise! Emphasizes enjoyment of physical activity rather than imparting a weighty message.

Board Book $5.99   


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I Will Never NOT EVER Eat a Tomato
By Lauren Child
Lola is a very fussy eater and after a list of unacceptable foods Charlie has an idea...can they use their imaginations and make these foods appealing to Lola? In the end will she EVEN try a Tomato? Great for your picky eater! Ages 4-8
Paperback $6.99
BULK PURCHASE Quote: over 300 copies $4.50 EACH + Media Mail Shipping. Email us for an Invoice.
Good For Me and You
At school, Little Critter learns all about having a healthy lifestyle—from a balanced diet to exercises that keep him in shape. Now Little Critter can show his family how to stay fit and have fun doing it!   List Price $3.99
BULK PURCHASE Quote: over 100 copies $3.50 EACH + Media Mail Shipping. Email us for an Invoice.

Eggs and Legs: Counting by Two's Introduces counting by twos by counting the number of legs coming out of eggs. Readers are invited to find hidden numbers on an illustrated activity page.
Ages 4-8 By Michael Dahl
Paperback $7.95

BULK PURCHASE Quote: over 300 copies $5.00 EACH + Media Mail Shipping. Email us for an Invoice.


A Garden for Pig

Is a humerous tale of a patient pig with a love of vegetables and a very special gardening technique. The book comes with tips for kids on planting, mulching, and fertilizing an organic garden, instructions for making your own compost bin and advice on how to fight weeds and insects without pesticides.

List Price $15.99  Your Price $15.00



Fussy Freya Any parent will recognize the frustration of a fussy eater in this delighful story.....One day Freya declares that the food is not nice and she won't take a single bite. Mum and Dad are at their wits end but Gran and Grandpa know what to do, they change Freya's mind and fussy eating habits for good in this fun tale. 


List Price $16.95 YOUR PRICE $15.50



The Perils of the Peanut Butter Kid

No one loves peanut butter more than Elmer. The taste of every drippy,gooey spoonful of peanut butter makes him grin. Will Elmer's mother ever be able to find a jar that's big enough to satisfy his growing appetite? Or will he end up in some sticky situation and find himself in a peanut butter. 

Hardcover List Price $17.00






Eating Pairs: Counting Fruits and Vegetables by Two's

Introduces simple facts about fruits and vegetables as their numbers increase by twos. Hard Cover
List Price $25.00 YOUR Hard Cover Price $22.50





Piglet's Picnic

A cleverly-designed lift the flap counting book, with six flaps and one full page fold-out, weaving fascinating food and simple numbers into an appealing story with lively collage illustrations.

List Price $16.95




Please is a Good Word to Say

It puts a smile on your words. And that’s not the only advice curly-burly-haired Harriet has for you. Asking, taking, interrupting, eating, there’s a nice way to do it in this offbeat and adorable approach to manners. Kids will be (very politely) clamoring to hear it over and over again . . . and parents will be pleased to oblige.  Hardcover $12.99







James is a very picky eater. His dad has to get creative—very creative—in order to get James to eat foods he thinks he doesn’t like. He presents James with a series of outlandish scenarios packed with fanciful and gross kid-friendly details—like pre-chewed gum as an alternative to broccoli in an effort to get James to eat. But it is eventually James himself who discovers that some foods are not so bad. Grades K - 3  FUN book for your Picky Eater. We HIGHLY Recommend!  List Price $14.99




The Story of FOOD
Who made the bread for your sandwich? What about the cheese inside? Just how DID all that delicious food get in your lunchbox? Take a tasty trip to farms, dairies, and factories, and find out! Recommended Ages 5-8
Hardcover $12.99 YOUR PRICE $11.70 FREE SHIPPING




The Incredible Book Eating Boy
Like many children, Henry loves books. But Henry doesn’t like to read books, he likes to eat them. . . . if it has pages, Henry chews them up and swallows and the more he eats, the smarter he gets! But one day he feels sick to his stomach. With a stunning new artistic style and a die-cut surprise, celebrate the joys of reading in this charming and quirky picture book. It’s almost good enough to eat. List Price $17.99 Your Price $16.20
Good Enough to Eat
This picture book teaches the basics....and importance of eating a well balanced diet and the process of digestion. Six categories of nutrients are introduced and this book is covered with examples of delicious healthy foods. Includes recipes and hands on activity suggestions. Paperback $6.99
Bread Comes to Life: A Garden of Wheat and a Loaf to Eat
This book tells the story of the sowing, growing, reaping, threshing, milling, baking, and breaking of whole grain bread. You will never look at a slice of bread the same way again. A wonderful farm to table lesson. Paperback $7.99







To Market, To Market

A Rhyming story... first she brings home different farm animals from the market then the animals take over her house, destroy her furniture, and eat all of her food. The woman decides to take all of the animals' back to the store to, buy the ingredients for soup. A Fun Food Rhyme! Softcover $7.00



Kids in the Garden

A fun guide to encourage children to learn about gardening, healthy eating and caring for the environment. Includes easy to follow and step-by-step guides. Aimed at children aged five upwards with adult supervision, then for older children up to 11 to complete on their own. This fully illustrated book features more than 50 projects.

List Price $15.95 YOUR Price $14.50



Ready Set Grow!

Grow the easy way! With top 10 lists, showing the best and easiest plants to grow and projects that can be completed anywhere, from the city to the suburbs, Ready Set Grow features more than 30 simple gardening projects specially designed to be completed during summer vacation. Grow your own Pizza Toppings and Get Ready to Get Growing! Hardcover List Price $12.99 YOUR Price $11.99



GAMES for FUN Nutrition Education


Table Manners BINGO Game:

Includes Twenty BINGO Cards and Calling Cards These 8.5 x 5.5 Cards are printed on a premium 80 lb Glossy Cardstock.

This game is included with Family Meal Time ~ We Have Table Manners Lesson  and can also be purchased separately.









Number and Color Nesting Blocks. 

These blocks compress colors, numbers, food, and farm to table concepts. Sara Anderson adds elements of early childhood learning which are critical to a toddler's physical and intellectual development: In arranging and rearranging these sturdy cardboard cubes, young children acquire such essential skills as fine motor coordination, patterning, sorting, sequencing, and stacking.

List Price $24.95 YOUR PRICE $23.99


The Nesting Blocks are created by Sara Anderson, Sara is a versatile designer and illustrator of children's books we carry FRUIT, VEGETABLE, and A Day at the Market by Sara. She has also designed fabric, ceramics, and furniture for clients as diverse as MoMA and Crate & Barrel.