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Music & Movement: Nutrition in Action Curriculum
SALE! 20% off Music & Movement Curriculum AND FREE SHIPPING.

Are you looking for FUN nutrition education which incorporates health education, music, literacy, and physical activity in a turn-key – grab and go format?

Nutrition in Action partnered with musical artists and storybook authors

to offer this power-packed NINE lesson curriculum that is

changing the way we teach health education.



See Curriculum Sample Pages, Music Samples, FREE Newsletter Download, and Lesson Topics Below.


TWO Purchasing Options:




Complete Curriculum Kit: Includes NINE lesson curriculum, two full length music CD's and NINE storybooks which accompany the lessons.


20% Sale = 171.96.   FREE SHIPPING





Basic Curriculum: Includes NINE lesson curriculum and two full length music CD's


20% SALE = $115.96   FREE SHIPPING


  Each lesson in this curriculum incorporates a storybook, physical activity, music,

seated activity, student and teacher evaluations as well as family newsletters with recipes.

Adaptable lessons 30-90 minutes in length are designed for PreK-2nd graders.


 Check out these curriculum sample pages

                  Activity Sheet: Create a Sandwich            Newsletter Wild Vines Lesson      Activity Sheet Protein Lesson      Please Kiss the Cow Craft

We Make Teaching EASY Check out the Grab and Go Format of our Lessons

Overview of the Lesson: In the Kitchen Lesson

Materials You Will Need: Farm to Table Lesson 

Music Samples

Music Sample: Smart & Tasty 1 - Shake Mix Pound and Roll

Music Sample: Food n Fun - Tortilla




Free Downloads

Each lesson in the Music & Movement curriculum contains a parent newsletter with recipe. 

Download the customizable backside of the newsletter HERE!

You have a user friendly template to add classroom events and customize the newsletter.

Add your classroom name and date at the top and begin customizing!



Originally the Music & Movement Nutrition in Action Curriculum was an EIGHT lesson curriculum. ADD ON LESSONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE

(these add on lessons are included in any new purchase of the Music & Movement Curriculum)

Protein: Are you a Peanut Butter Kid?

Dairy Foods: Please Kiss the Cow

Purchase includes the Protein and Dairy Foods Add on Lessons and TWO Storybooks  $31.99 (storybooks list price $24.00)

Curriculum Overview: Lesson Topics and Descriptions

Nine Lesson Topics Include ALL food groups and EXTRAS including family meals, physical activity, picky eaters, and farm to table concepts.

Family Meals ~ In the Kitchen: Children will listen to a story about what happens in the kitchen then they will participate in a physical activity where they practice making pizza dough. They will Shake, Mix, Pound, and Roll their way into giggles!

Fruits and Vegetables ~ Going to the Farmers Market: children learn to identify which foods at the farmers market are fruits and vegetables, learn why it is important to eat fruits and vegetables, and learn about shopping at a farmers market. Physical Activity ~ Wild Vines: students are introduced to the concept of being

physically active for at least 60 minutes each day. Students will listen to a story about busy bodies, then they will swing on wild vines moving their bodies around the room.

Farm to Table ~ Bread Comes to Life: children learn that bread comes from

wheat and is a grain that is grown in a field. Children will listen to the story and participate in a relaxing song and dance that illustrates that bread comes from the earth.

 Grains give you Energy...Tortilla – Tortilla: children will be able to identify

which foods are grains, they will learn the importance of eating grain foods every day and that food from the grain group gives our bodies energy! Children will listen to a story and participate in an activity making tortillas.

Picky Eaters ~ Eat a Vegetable: children are introduced to the concept of trying

new foods. Children will listen to a story and find out that you don’t know if you like a new food unless you try it. Next, the students will participate in a physical activity pretending to eat vegetables and putting them in a pot for supper.

Physical Activity ~ Get Up Off the Sofa! Children will be excited about moving

more and sitting less. They will be moved to move more! Children will learn the importance of movement and have fun moving their bodies. 

Dairy Foods ~ Please Kiss the Cow: students learn where milk and cheese

come from, learn to identify foods from the dairy foods group, and understand why it is important to eat low-fat dairy products. After a story students will participate in a physical activity where they play Cow Tail Tag.

Protein: Are You a Peanut Butter Kid? Students will learn that peanut butter

is a food in the protein foods group, is high in protein, and can help them grow strong. Students will listen to a peanut butter kid story and will then have the opportunity to participate in a peanut butter sticky feet race and a seated activity to unstick Elmer from the peanut butter jar