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Newsletters   ~   Student Activity Sheets   ~   FREE Downloads
Download these 8 1/2 x 11 student activity sheets and newsletters as PDF files and print them from your own computer. 
To order use the Buy Now buttons below and recieve the PDF's the same day to your email inbox. 
Purchase orders are also accepted.  You need  Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and print the files.
                                                                Coming Soon: Newsletters in Spanish
These Newsletters and Handouts accompany the Music & Movement: Nutrition in Action Curriculum. 
Purchase individual lessons and the accompanying storybook and music cd by going to our
Check out the bottom of the page for your Free Downloads
 including thecustomizable backside of the family newsletters and student evaluations.   


Picky Eaters Newsletter

Tips on how to get your child to try new foods and a Dippin' Dinner Idea!  $5.95 delivered to your email inbox






Family Meals: In the Kitchen Newsletter

Encourage family meals with this fun newsletter offering ideas for easy family meals and a recipe that everyone will love!
$5.95 delivered to your email inbox



Farm to Table: Bread Comes to Life Newsletter

This newsletter helps families understand where their food comes from and offers a FUN family meal idea. $5.95 delivered to your email inbox





Physical Activity ~ Wild Vines Newsletter

Help your families answer the question: WHY move? Then cool down with a yogurt parfait recipe the family will love.  $5.95 delivered to your email inbox
Dairy Foods Please Kiss the Cow Newsletter

What do I do when my child only wants flavored milk? As well as many more tips for making wise Dairy Group choices and a healthy pudding recipe.$5.95 delivered to your email inbox 


Handwashing Newsletter

This two page newsletter reinforces how and when to wash hands for better health. Two recipes and nutrition facts appear on page 2 of the newsletter.  $5.95 delivered to your email inbox

The following activity sheets accompany the Music & Movement Nutrition in Action Curriculum. They can be used with or without the curriculum lesson plans. If you are interested in more than just a handout go to the
 Music & Movement Single Lesson Plans page to purchase the book and the single lesson including the pictured handout and accompanying newsletter above. 
Eat a Vegetable Activity Sheet

A fun activity to teach students about vegetables while making a vegetable soup.
 $5.95 delivered to your email inbox
Farmers Market Bag Activity Sheet

Students can make their own bag to take to the farmers market!
$5.95 delivered to your email inbox
Let's do Activity Handout

No Computer No TV, Instead Let's Do Activity!  Students can brainstorm ideas for physical activity.
 $5.95 delivered to your email inbox










Cow Craft Activity Instructions

Instructions only are included for the Cow Craft Activity


Handwashing PDF Kit includes Lesson Plan, Handouts AND Newsletter



Included are: Germs Are Not for Sharing Storybook ($11.95 value), Reproducible Master CD with all pdf files including bulletin board (see below), Simon Says Wash Your Hands Game Cards. Lesson Plan is included on reproducible disk only NO HARD COPY OF LESSON PLAN IS INCLUDED $46.00 FREE SHIPPING with each order.




Fruits and Vegetables: Farmers Market Newsletter

Help your families focus on fruits and vary their veggies with this fun newsletter and fruit dip recipe.$5.95 delivered to your email inbox


Physical Activity: Get Up Off the Sofa Newsletter

This newsletter offers fun ideas for family physical activity!
$5.95 delivered to your email inbox






Grains Give you ENERGY! Tortilla~Tortilla Newsletter

The benefits of whole grains are followed by a delicious burrito recipe for your family meal. $5.95 delivered to your email inbox 
Protein: Are YOU a Peanut Butter Kid? Newsletter

This newsletters offers tips for making wise choices from the protein group as well as a no-bake breakfast cookie recipe!  $5.95 delivered to your email inbox






Table Manners Newsletter

This two page newsletter offers tips for good table manners and family meals with two recipes the family will love.  $5.95 delivered to your email inbox
Complete Newsletter Pack

Includes all Eleven Newsletters above.
$50.00 Delivered to your Email Inbox



Peanut Butter Kid Activity Sheet

Students have fun recreating Elmer popping out of the Peanut Butter Jar!
$5.95 delivered to your email inbox
Family Meal Create a Pizza Handout

Pizza is the family meal everyone loves. Making homeade pizza is fun for the whole family!
$5.95 delivered to your email inbox


Build a Sandwich Activity Sheet

Color-Cut-Paste and make your own sandwich!
$5.95 delivered to your email inbox
Tortilla Activity Sheet

Making your own taco is FUN with this two page activity sheet! 
$5.95 delivered to your email inbox












Family Mealtime Table Manners PDF Kit includes Lesson Plan, Handouts and Newsletter

 Included are: Table Manners BINGO Game, We Love the Company Book with Music CD (softcover), Reproducible Master CD with many fun activities pictured below including two bulletin boards AND the Family Meal Time We Have Table Manners Lesson Plan as a pdf on the reproducible disk. Everything shown is included except NO HARD COPY OF THE LESSON PLAN IS INCLUDED $38.50 FREE SHIPPING with each order.




Free Downloads: Each lesson in the Music & Movement curriculum contains a parent newsletter with recipe.

Download the customizable backside of the newsletter HERE!

You have a user friendly template to add classroom events and customize the newsletter.   Add your classroom name and date at the top and begin customizing!

NOTE: if you have trouble downloading the word document choose SAVE instead of OPEN.  A customizable Word Document will open.




Free Download: Student and Teacher Evaluation

Evaluations are essential to showing the success of your programming.
Your Music & Movement Curriculum includes a student and teacher evaluation. For your convenience you can now download a FREE copy of your evaluations by selecting the evaluation below: