"We sincerely believe music and story books are an under-utilized resource in nutrition and health education. Partnering music and story time grabs children’s interests and provides an outlet for high spirits and creative energy."
Jenny Steinhaus, M.S., L.N., CEO Nutrition in Action

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About Us

Nutrition in Action takes the guess work out of nutrition education by offering educational materials that are grab-and-go for educators.  Nutrition in Action is a creative, fun, and innovative way for children to learn about nutrition and physical activity while meeting school  Content and Achievement Standards and CDC School Health Education Characteristics of an Effective Health Curriculum.


Music & Movement

Nutrition in Action

Are you looking for FUN nutrition education which incorporates health education, music, literacy, and physical activity in a turn-key – grab and go format?

Nutrition in Action partnered with musical artists and storybook authors

to offer this power-packed NINE lesson curriculum that is

changing the way we teach health education.



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